5 Photo Booth Rental Packages You Can Get Right Now

5 Photo Booth Rental Packages You Can Get Right Now

Photo booth rentals are a popular way to bring a touch of nostalgia to your event and help your guests get into the holiday spirit. Recent innovations in photo booth technology have improved the traditional, bulky photo booths.


In addition, there are now lightweight and enclosed photo booths that provide more privacy for your guests.

Don’t be fooled though, just because camera technology has improved doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find someone who will deliver and set up the equipment for you.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where there are professionals that offer this service, then all you have to do is contact them, and they’ll be happy to help you out with all your photo booth needs.

If you are looking for a photo booth rental that won’t bust your budget, here are five packages from the best vendors in the business, all of which can be booked on a month-by-month basis.


1. Traditional Package

The Traditional Package is one of the biggest and most popular in the industry, with a wide range of photo booth options available, from basic units that can fit into small spaces all the way up to large-scale installations that can pack an entire room full of people at once.

All their packages include custom designs for your event — anything from digitized backgrounds to completely customized “themed” booths. All you need to do is send them pictures if you have any references (ideas) and they’ll take it from there!

 You also get unlimited prints for your guests as well as a USB flash drive containing all images taken during your rental period. With the traditional package, you can choose from Retro, Modern, and Vintage styles.


2. Kiosk Package

Some professional photo booths can be set up for both traditional 4×6 prints and modern digital downloads, so it doesn’t matter whether your friends want physical keepsakes or just want to share their shots on social media. 

The Kiosk Package gives you unlimited prints at the event along with a flash drive containing all images taken during your rental period. You’ll enjoy a good night with a column-like booth that is affordable.


3. Photographer Package

Firebooth is another large, popular company that provides all manner of photo booth rentals for any event. Their packages include unlimited prints, a custom backdrop design, and a USB flash drive with digital copies of all the images taken during your rental period.

The Photographer package is a common way to enjoy any photography session. The photographer brings the camera and takes photos.


4. Novelty Package

The Novelty Package is something that you need to try. It gives you a full entertainment that a photo booth has. The Novelty Package features the Slow-Mo video booths, Mirror Booths, GIF Booths, and Instagram Printing Kiosks.

Make the most out of your photo booth experience with this package here. Find out more packages aside from the Novelty and enjoy a whole lot more fun in any event. The Novelty package can be great for all occasions.


5. Interactive Entertainment Packages

Here’s one last option for rentals that includes more than just a photo booth. The photobooths are available and you also enjoy “interactive entertainment” options like full-size carnival games and mechanical amusements as well!

The pricing is month to month with no extra charges for printouts or delivery, so if you’re looking for something extra special be sure to check them out! These packages start at $199/month plus applicable taxes.



Any photo booth rental package is worth a try. The features in these packages are worth it. You can enjoy most of the time with any of these rental packages. Find the best photo booth company that can give you the best packages to choose from.

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