6 Best Printers For Your Photo Booth Business

6 Best Printers For Your Photo Booth Business

If you have a photo booth business, you need to make sure everything is in good shape. One of the things that are important when you have a photo booth is the printer. The printer gives your customers the image they can hold on to forever.

Printers also make a photo booth business. There are several printers out there that you can attach to your booth. These printers must be compatible with everything your booth is built. It can get challenging to choose the best printers.

Yes, there are a lot. So, here are some of the best printers for your photo booth business. These are some of the best out on the market. These printers will help you choose what’s best for you


1. Epson Picture PM-520 Photo Printer

A portable way to capture moments. The Epson PictureMate PM-520 is lightweight and portable. You can connect the printer to Wi-Fi and instantly share moments with friends and family.

The device prints up to 36 seconds and comes with a rechargeable battery. You get the best pictures out of this printer. The images come out borderless and are high-quality. You can select features easily from its 2.7” LED.


2. Brava 21 Photo and Sticker Printer (BRAVA21)

Next on the list is the Brava 21 Photo and Sticker Printer. Print photos and stickers in one printer. Brava 21 gives you high-quality pictures. Print any pictures for any event. The Brava 21 is a perfect pair for your photo booth.

You can create custom pictures or stickers with this printer. It gives you and your guests something to remember. The memories captured during the event are put into the paper to last. Let this printer add to the success of your photo booth business now.


3. DNP RX1 Photo Printer

Make moments last through pictures. Print photos you capture in a photo booth. A compact photo printer that’s easy to use is all you need. DNP RX1 Photo Printer is a compact printer that you can use on-site.

It gives you high-quality images from any pose you do in a photo booth. Each big event is fun with this printer. It adds highlights to your memories. Consider this printer as part of your photo booth business. Print out high-quality images at all times.



Print photos from your photo booth anytime. You can print glossy or matte images from the HITI P510S. An easy-to-use printer, you can connect it directly to your PC. You can carry the photo printer anywhere since it is very lightweight.

This is helpful if you have a photo booth rental business. The HITI P510S produces high-quality pictures that last. You have easy access to the ribbons that make it easy to replace the consumables for the device.


5. The CP-D70DW

A full-featured lightweight professional photo printer, the CP-D70DW is perfect for any social event photography. It also can be the best printer to get if you are a professional photographer. This is great if you have a photo booth rental business.

The photo printer comes with a multi-format printing capability. You can print any formatting in this photo printer. Easy to maintain since it has a unique cooling system. You can carry it anywhere because the printer is lightweight.


6. DNP QW410 Compact Printer

Compact and lightweight, that’s the DNP QW410 Printer. It is perfect for mobile photo booth rental events. You can easily bring the printer anywhere. Perfect for your photo booth business.

You can print high-quality images from the DNP QW410 Printer. Gives you the best pictures captured in special events. It is worth having especially if you have a photo booth rental business.


Say Cheese

Keep your business growing. Upgrade your devices all the time. That is what you need if you have a photo booth rental business. If you have a photo booth business, you will need a printer.

The list of printers here is some of the best ones on the market today. Choose the printers that are best for your photo booths. If you have a printer that gives high-quality results, people will always come back to you.

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