An Awesome Tool That Increases Booking Conversions For Your Photo Booth Business

An Awesome Tool That Increases Booking Conversions For Your Photo Boot

Running a photo both business can be challenging. You will need additional effort to gain more customers. Having a website is a good place to start. But your website may not be enough. 

Having an excellent digital presence helps you get more booking conversions. To do this, you need help from an awesome tool. Confirmly, is a tool that increases booking conversions for your photo booth business.

Your photo booth business matters. Give your business a name in the digital world. Here are some good Reasons why you need to use Confirmly for your photo booth business.


Easy To Navigate Interface

Once you register in Confirmly, you will notice that it is easy to use. The whole interface is quick to navigate. It saves you time from learning so much from an online tool. You have a customizable information bar that you can display on the top area or the bottom part.

 The great thing about this tool is you can check the performance of your website by installing the pixel you need. Once installed, the pixel is easy to integrate into your site. From there, you can check the performance of your website and work on how to improve it from the report.


Customize Your Notification

You can customize your notifications with Confirmly. The more personalized your notifications are, the more customers will feel closer to your products. A photo booth business also needs personalization.

When you go personal with you customers, you get more reach. You make your business known. Once you expose your business properly, you get more bookings. The more bookings the more conversions. The more conversions, the more sale you’ll have.


Updated Tracking System

Easily track your website’s activity with Confirmly. You have the live counter features that show visitors the number of people visiting your site. The live counter is a way for you get more bookings conversions.

Aside from the live counter, the conversions counter feature is also a great tracking system from this tool. Your customers will see the number of conversions your business has made. 

An update tracking system is an advanced way to move forward with your Photo Booth.


It is Interactive

Confirmly has the Emoji Feedback feature. Users can give feedback about your website using emojis. Which is fun. It is fun because some people are not good with words. They sometimes express themselves through emojis.

Emojis do not make you look stiff. It gives you a human touch that people will love. Social media is a thing these days. It uses a lot of emojis. When you let people give you feedback through emojis, you give them a better way to express themselves.


Generates Leads Fast

With Confirmly, you can create your campaign to send out to your leads. You also can send Newsletter to the existing clients that you’ve got in your system. Sending out a newsletter is one of the best ways to let your customers know that you care.

The tool also has the Email Collector feature. This feature lets you generate leads fast. Leads can be from the users of your website. Once you collect these emails, it is easy to send out a sales campaign that can give you more booking conversions for your photo booth business.


Easily Add Videos

You can add videos for added website exposure. Getting more booking conversions does not only depend on text alone. You need videos to express what you are selling. Videos are great visual tools to get customers into your website.

Confirmly has a Video feature. You can display a widget that leads to a very informative video on YouTube about your photo booth business. This is a way to get more reach for your products.


Easy Sharing Features

Your customers can easily share your content with Confirmly. You can set up a Social Share feature that can widen your reach. Others can share your content to gain more customers from the outside.

Once you have more room for social sharing, you get to reach more people. When you reach more people online through social sharing, you get more leads and that leads to more booking conversions.


Customizable Informational Feature

If you want information sent out to your customers, Confirmly can do that. You can customize your message the way you want it. The more you give it a personal touch the better. 

Customers always want to know they matter. Customizable information will help you reach out to customers with a personal touch. You will not sound so technical. It is an added feature to let you gain more booking conversions for your photo booth business.


You Choose A Plan That Suits You

 There are three plans you can choose from Confirmly. These are FREESILVER, and GOLD plans. You can start with the free one and get started. The FREE plan lets you enjoy 5 campaigns for your product or website. You have the Silver plan that gives you 25 campaigns while Gold lets you create unlimited campaigns. The plan prices are affordable. Once you enjoy the perks of the plan you choose, you are sure to get more conversions for the photo booth business.



There you have it. Some features of Confirmly that are useful for your photo booth business. These are easy to follow, easy to use, and easy to navigate. All you need to do is get started.

If you have a photo booth business, your main goal is to get more leads to get more sales. To get more leads, you need help from this awesome tool. Confirmly is an easy to use online tool for booking conversions.

Once you register, you already can get started. You can use all the features stated here. You can try it for free. Once you create your first campaign, you will want more. It is a sure win for you and your photo booth business.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with Confirmly and make it matter for your photo booth business.

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