Can You Rent a Photo Booth? Absolutely. Learn Why You Should

Can You Rent a Photo Booth? Absolutely. Learn Why You Should

Are you looking for great entertainment options for your event? DJ’s, food, and activities are all important for a good fun event. Today, the hottest thing out there is photo booths. It’s affordable and creates a fun atmosphere for your party.

Photo booths give you dozens of benefits for your event. You might be wanting to throw a party or event for yourself, or perhaps you need it for your business. Either way, photo booths offer a vast amount of opportunities and perks for your event and the people around you.

Here are some reasons why you can (and should) rent a Photo Booth.


It’s Super Affordable

Photo booths can be rented for about $500-$800 depending on where you live. That’s a great deal! Think about all the costs it takes to have a wedding or have a DJ for a local event. It isn’t cheap. Photo booths add significant value to your event and it’s at a great cost.


It’s the Perfect Icebreaker

Have you ever been to a party that feels terribly awkward? You get there and everyone is talking amongst themselves in small clusters. The mood is weird and nothing seems to spark. Those are the ingredients to a horrible party.

When you rent a photo booth, you don’t have to worry about getting the right vibe going for your event. Photo booths encourage people to lower their guards. They wear funny props and make silly faces. When a group of people are getting a picture and setting up props, everyone in line is laughing and getting in on it together. It’s a great way to promote a positive energy for your event!


You Don’t Have to Worry About It

If you have any experience throwing an event, you know what this means. Sure, you can hire a professional to handle photography or DJ the music. But there is always that part of you that feels you need to pay attention and make sure it goes exactly how you like it.

With photo booths, you have someone dedicated to the activity. The best part about it is the natural way it goes. They are there to assist. The attendees take the kind of picture they want, the why they like it. You can trust that person will do a great job and leave the worrying up to him/her.

It’s a Social Media Booster

Let’s face it. It doesn’t happen if it isn’t posted. You want to be able to share your experience with everyone you know. You also want the people around you to be able to do the same thing at your event.

Photo booths encourage social media posts. Whether it’s in the actual booth, or someone takes a picture of their photo strip, they won’t be able to help themselves. If you are running an event that needs a little public relation like for charity or a business, this is the perfect opportunity!


You’ll Create Memories Forever

By far, the best part of renting a photo booth is the memories that will last for years. Your friends and attendees will save those pictures on their phones or in a scrapbook. It makes the experience tangible.

When you think about it, very few things in an event can capture a memory. The music can’t. Neither can the food. The only things that will capture it are video and photography. But even with those two mediums, it’s hard to get true raw emotion. In a photo booth, everyone is themselves. Their goofy, fun, and all their walls are gone. You can’t put a price on that.

Those are some reasons why you should rent a photo booth! It’s affordable and offers priceless perks. The next time you have an event, put it on top of your list.

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