Photo Booth Props Tips and Tricks to Eliminate Glare

Photo Booth Props Tips and Tricks to Eliminate Glare

Photo Booth Props Tips and Tricks to Eliminate Glare

Photo booth props, they are fun, silly, and a great way to bring your clients together for pictures that let their creativity and imagination run free.

Often times when someone buy props for their photo booth, they don’t get the chance to try them out to see if the props will work well with their photo booth and lighting.

What I meant by that is the props will usually reflect light, also known as glare, at certain angles.

Have you yourself bought props for your photo booth business that just had glare in every single photo?

Surely not all props glare up in photo booths, but most do and it’s quite frustrating to offer your customers props that have to be held at a certain angle to reduce the glare.

Most likely your customers will not like the fact that they can’t move freely and not have the props glare.

It’s a problem and one that can be easily fixed with the right tools.

The Anti-Glare Photo Booth Props

There are two ways I believe that really helps you reduce or completely take out the glares from photo booth props.

One way is to use a clear matte spray paint and apply it onto all of your props.

The second method is to make your own DIY props which are quite simple. We offer a DIY prop kit that has all the best props layout and materials needed to make your props.

Doing it yourself can produce props that have no traces of glare in them. It also depends on the type of materials you use. We recommend using construction paper with various types of colors.

The best way of course, like previously mentioned, is to use a clear matte spray paint and apply it to the props that you see have the most glare when taking photos.

You shouldn’t, however, try to apply it all at once so quickly as it will form bumps, bubbles, and holes that can be easily seen. Our purpose is to get perfect props, not cause anymore problems.

Because you won’t be getting it down your first try, I totally recommend that you don’t try this on your most favorite props.

Start out with the props that are your least favorite.

Follow these two easy steps when applying your clear matte coat.

Items that you will need are: (1) Props that are your least favorite that produces glare, and (2) Clear matte coat.

Step 1: We will want to apply the first coat, but gently. If you force too much clear matte spray it can cause unwanted spots that will ruin your prop.

Step 2: Now apply a second coat, you can be gentle or add a little more to it, but don’t over do it.

Rinse and repeat until you get the clean look that you desire. Usually, you’ll be fine just having one coat on it, but two or three coats will really bring out the colors and eliminate all glares.

The props I like to use in my rental business are the Amscan Photo Fun Signs! These signs are great but reflect light. Applying the matte finish to these props usually do the trick.

Ending Thoughts:

Props are indeed one of the best equipment that you can have for your photo booth business. Props brightens up the mood, and people can easily switch or mix and match between the various props that are available.
Just like our article on Dabbing in the photo booth, props are just another great way to bring the party to your next event.

I hope this has helped you and have your props ready to be used at your next event!

Until then.

Your friend,


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