Start a Photo Booth Business and Make Hundreds of Dollars a Day

Start a Photo Booth Business and Make Hundreds of Dollars a Day

Start a Photo Booth Business and Make Hundreds of Dollars a Day


Are you strapped for cash? Maybe you need a little side income for some of your financial goals. There are plenty of reasons why you want to make a little extra money.

If it’s for a side hustle or a full time business, finding something that has the right amount of demand and profitability can change your life. You will be in control of your finances and your time. Your future depends on where you want it to go and how hard you are willing to work for it.

None of this can happen without the right product and business.

Did you know thousands of people have benefited from their photo booth business? It’s the perfect gig. You provide value to events and attendees with an opportunity to make fun memories.

If you want an easy solution, then this article isn’t for you.

But if you are willing to work smart and use innovative technology and strategies to succeed… you’ve come to the right place.

Great entrepreneurs ask great questions. Here are some things you should know to get a head start on the photo booth market.


Why a photo booth?

There are plenty of businesses you can start. But from what we’ve learned from economic history is that when something’s hot, there’s an incredible opportunity to ride the momentum.

Photo booths have become a big part of demand because of the booming event industry.

Think about it. Weddings are becoming more grandiose and expensive each year. People are throwing parties for every special moment fueled by the rise and satisfaction of Instagram and social media. People want memories and they want everyone to know about it. The photo booth business is riding the wave and will continue to get bigger as the years go on.

With as little as $200 a month, the barrier of entry is low for equipment. You can expect high margins with a small initial investment. It’s a great time to be in the business.


How much does it cost to run?

The cost is relatively low. Once you have your booth, you just have to buy props and accessories that compliment it. Make sure you have a vehicle that can transport everything. After that, it’s more about a marketing budget and low operational costs.


What do I do to attract more clients?

The best way to get more events is being remarkable. That means finding creative ways to decorate and operate your booth. It also means capturing moments on social media. Remember, people don’t use your photo booth for the pictures… they do it for the memories. Market that experience and you will gain interest.

Take full advantage of community events and networking opportunities. Your business will grow heavily on referrals and through your relationships. Consider adding “friend” discounts by telling your previous clients that if they refer them to a friend, he/she will get a percentage off. People love knowing they can help out those they care about.


What can I expect to earn?

It depends on how much what you want. Do you want to have a side business and do it occasionally, or grow it to something big? Either way, you can measure your expectations on a per event basis. If you have a lot of competition, you can earn $500-$800 dollars an event. If you are one of the few in your area, you can charge a thousand and upwards.

Remember, this estimate is based on running a one-man operation business with one booth. If you have more than one booth with others working for you, the earnings are limitless.


Where can I find out more?

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