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Can You Rent a Photo Booth? Absolutely. Learn Why You Should

Can You Rent a Photo Booth? Absolutely. Learn Why You Should

Are you looking for great entertainment options for your event? DJ’s, food, and activities are all important for a good fun event. Today, the hottest thing out there is photo booths. It’s affordable and creates a fun atmosphere for your party.

Photo booths give you dozens of benefits for your event. You might be wanting to throw a party or event for yourself, or perhaps you need it for your business. Either way, photo booths offer a vast amount of opportunities and perks for your event and the people around you.

Here are some reasons why you can (and should) rent a Photo Booth.

It’s Super Affordable

Photo booths can be rented for about $500-$800 depending on where you live. That’s a great deal! Think about all the costs it takes to have a wedding or have a DJ for a local event. It isn’t cheap. Photo booths add significant value to your event and it’s at a great cost.

It’s the Perfect Icebreaker

Have you ever been to a party that feels terribly awkward? You get there and everyone is talking amongst themselves in small clusters. The mood is weird and nothing seems to spark. Those are the ingredients to a horrible party.

When you rent a photo booth, you don’t have to worry about getting the right vibe going for your event. Photo booths encourage people to lower their guards. They wear funny props and make silly faces. When a group of people are getting a picture and setting up props, everyone in line is laughing and getting in on it together. It’s a great way to promote a positive energy for your event!

You Don’t Have to Worry About It

If you have any experience throwing an event, you know what this means. Sure, you can hire a professional to handle photography or DJ the music. But there is always that part of you that feels you need to pay attention and make sure it goes exactly how you like it.

With photo booths, you have someone dedicated to the activity. The best part about it is the natural way it goes. They are there to assist. The attendees take the kind of picture they want, the why they like it. You can trust that person will do a great job and leave the worrying up to him/her.

It’s a Social Media Booster

Let’s face it. It doesn’t happen if it isn’t posted. You want to be able to share your experience with everyone you know. You also want the people around you to be able to do the same thing at your event.

Photo booths encourage social media posts. Whether it’s in the actual booth, or someone takes a picture of their photo strip, they won’t be able to help themselves. If you are running an event that needs a little public relation like for charity or a business, this is the perfect opportunity!

You’ll Create Memories Forever

By far, the best part of renting a photo booth is the memories that will last for years. Your friends and attendees will save those pictures on their phones or in a scrapbook. It makes the experience tangible.

When you think about it, very few things in an event can capture a memory. The music can’t. Neither can the food. The only things that will capture it are video and photography. But even with those two mediums, it’s hard to get true raw emotion. In a photo booth, everyone is themselves. Their goofy, fun, and all their walls are gone. You can’t put a price on that.

Those are some reasons why you should rent a photo booth! It’s affordable and offers priceless perks. The next time you have an event, put it on top of your list.

Are you interested in starting a photo booth business? FireBooth.com offers modern photo booths designed with innovative technology at an affordable cost. Find out more today.

What You Should Know About The Bridal Expo Email List

What You Should Know About The Bridal Expo Email List

Bridal Expo Email List

If you think getting married is all about the man getting down on one knee to his lady, and live happily ever after, you may be right, but there’s more work to it than that.

If you are like the majority of people living on planet earth, you’ll know that it actually takes quite a long time to plan out and get everything as close to perfect as possible for a wedding.

“Oh boy… does this mean you got to pull out the yellow book and give all the wedding planners, artists, photographer, and many others to help you get the wedding together?”

Actually, no, it’s quite easier nowadays because there’s something special that happens every year. That special something is called a Bridal Expo.

If you are a photographer or a photo booth business owner, you have got to make sure that you take advantage of this event because of the huge potential benefit of building clients… and making you more money, which makes your business a success.

The key to attending this event is to collect an email list for yourself, how else are you going to get clients? If they don’t come to you, well then, you’ll go to them.

Some bridal shows will sell you a bulk of email list so that you don’t need to collect them yourself. This sounds easy and a good deal to not pass up on, right?

It may be a good offer, but be careful with emails that you did not collect yourself because there needs to be an approval or permission in order to email people about your business.

Before you get excited and plan your next trip to one of these bridal expos, let’s make sure you know what to expect and understand about the bridal expo email list.


Paying For The Email List

Let’s start out with what the Bridal Expo will offer you.

Like we mentioned previously, you can actually buy a bulked list of emails collected from the people who are going to be attending the event.

Great! No need to ask people for their emails when it’s all paid and done for.
It’s no doubt quite a good thing since you’ll just attend the expo and just have some fun chit chatting with future clients.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the bulk list you paid for may have a lot of emails that don’t exist because they were either misspelled or fakes.

This happened to me at my first expo that I participated in back in 2012. I had no idea what to expect from this. I didn’t even know that you get a list at the end of the event (about a week later).

Not knowing anything about expos other that you were there to show off your product. I came prepared with my iPad and asked almost everyone who stop by the booth to give me their information. I asked for their name, email, phone and the date of their event.

Although it’s was not completely a bad idea, you can still get a few legit emails that can be potential clients but do know that it will be a lower percentage rather than going to these expos and collecting the emails yourself.

After the event I manually entered all the emails that I got into Constant Contact and did a email blast to say it was great meeting them and that I am available for any questions that they may have about the photo booth.

A week later when I received the list fromt the actual expo. I did the same thing and found that the bounce rate was much higher. Simply because of misspelled and wrong emails.

Expos that acquire their email list through Eventbrite tend to have better success because they have to confirm their information within their system.

It also really depends on the expos that you go to, some may offer better email lists than others, so it’s pretty much a gamble at that point.

Even though there are some negative aspects to the paid email list, I would definitely ask how they expo organizer acquires their emails if you are going to buy their list.


Collecting Emails At The Expo Yourself

A great way to take advantage of your bridal expo experience is to build a relationship with future clients. This works a lot better than just buying the whole list yourself because, well, there’s the whole connection and trust that people get from communicating in person than just reading an email from someone they have never met in their entire life.

Collecting the emails yourself is quite easy. You go to the event, set up your exhibit and introduce yourself and what you will be offering to the soon to be wedded lovers.

A lot of people may bring laptops with their website on to gather emails. Although that’s a great idea, there’s something else much simpler and more efficient to use, and it’s all done on your iPad!

The app that’s highly recommended to gather emails and other social information is called OnSpot Social.

If I only knew about this app back then, it would definitely saved me a ton of time!

What’s so great about this app is that it allows you to look professional, quickly set up your business, powerful link between different business in different locations, and you can put all data (emails) to aweber, mailchimp, etc.

Quick Setup: You can easily set up images, background, and your business logo for whatever service you will be providing. Since we are a photo booth base business, it’s a great app to make us look unique and well presentable when introducing our services to future clients.

Powerful Link Between Different Businesses: This is a crucial part for photo booth owners who own more than one photo booths in many different locations. Anywhere that business is located, it will be linked to one ipad.

Link To Email Services: A link to email services that helps you organize and create campaigns such as Aweber or Mailchimp is the main reason why we went to the expo in the first place. This feature that OnSpot gives will make it easier for you to import all the emails you have collected at the expo. By doing this you’ll probably have a better bulk list of legit and trusted clients.


Ending Thoughts:

So, should you choose to not pay the Bridal Expo for the bulk lists of emails since you can do it yourself? Maybe, if you feel like it to be honest.

Most expos provide you with their attendee email list anyway which I think is a great start. As for me I like the more personal approach and asking them for their event information so I can send them reminders every month to keep our service in mind.

What I would recommend is to do both, that way you can maximize the potential of building new customers and bring your photo booth business to the next level.

Have fun at the expo and try to get to know people. Invest your time in finding who these people are and what benefits you can give to them for their wedding plan.

Why I use SmugMug In My Photo Booth Business

Why I use SmugMug In My Photo Booth Business

SmugMug2_SplashHello everyone,

Imagine if there was a place where you can store your images, set your prices, and even offer various types of prints for your customers with just a few uploads and clicks.

It sure sounds a lot like running your own photo booth website, but the difference is that you don’t have to handle every single part of its operation.

Listen, not all of us photo booth business owners have the time to run our own website and handle every single part from the way our site looks and be able to go out and deliver our photo booth services.

Are you a photo booth business owner who is looking for a service that allows you to upload your client’s images onto a well-designed platform with no effort in the technical aspect of it at all?

There are quite a few platforms out there nowadays that do give photo booth business owners that option, but they lack the ease of use and quality customization’s of photos.

Add on top of that, there are only a few platforms that allow extremely large sizes of files to be uploaded.

The platform that allows me to do almost anything when it comes to uploading my photos and selling them is called SmugMug.

If some of you guys have ever used SmugMug before, you’ll understand why it’s such a great tool for the photo booth owners to do business.

Security for Your Client’s Photos

If you are looking for a photo storage website that can offer the highest level of security, SmugMug will be an excellent choice.

You can easily create private galleries that are password-protected. With this, there are pictures that can be set to private and will not be view-able by anyone unless they enter the right password.

You will also retain the copyright of the photos, and you can opt for such to be view-able in limited sizes to protect the original copies.

SmugMug’s Ease Of Use

I personally find that SmugMug allows the most ease of use due to its simple customization tabs where you can design the way your profile looks.

Actually, when you start using SmugMug, you get the benefit of your profile becoming its own website without having to worry about coding and hiring others to manage the website. Your profile on SmugMug is where your customers can come and look at the images you took for them.

I love the simple fact that once I upload an image onto my profile, all I have to do is set the prices and direct my customers to my profile so that they can view their images and decide to purchase. Yep! that’s all that I need to do on my end of course.

When it comes to what SmugMug will do on their end, they will:

● Take care of all customer service for you, and all you have to worry about is looking forward to the quality images that your customers will buy from you.

● They will manage all the prints and sizes while keeping the quality of the images.

● They offer multiple designs for images. Just simply select and save the designs and use them for your images.

● Easy for customers to purchase as all they have to do is select and add the images or the various types of print (CDs, Coffee Mugs, T-shirts, etc.) to their shopping cart.

● You get to set the price for your images. There are no set amount, and you are free to decide how much your image products cost.

SmugMug does sound a lot like having your own website, but you can see for yourself, the only work that is required from your end is to group and upload the images, set the price, and direct your customers to your SmugMug profile.

It’s easy and convenient for those that don’t have the time and resources to build their own website gallery which also use your servers resources.

They Offer Clear And Detailed Tutorials:

Don’t understand something? Unlike owning your own website or other image platforms that requires you to learn everything by yourself, SmugMug provides you with videos that literally holds your hand from start to finish.

I have my own website, but one small error here and there can mean a disaster for my business. I know a lot of us who come into the photo booth business just don’t have the time to deal with a website or a image hosting platform that can store and sell photos, and if you do, you better hire a good computer guy and trust me they’re not cheap.

If you have troubles on SmugMug, you can just go back to the video tutorials and easily solve it. Any big technical stuff is on SmugMug’s end, not yours, so you don’t have to worry and feel overwhelm about stuff that you don’t know.

Why I Choose SmugMug?

As a photo booth business owner, I am always out and heading towards my clients destination. Even though when I do have some free time, I would want to spend that time working and scheduling out my next client’s event or maybe spend some time with my family.

SmugMug has really made their platform really easy to use for someone like me who wants to save time. My schedule has forever been more flexible than it was in the past.

About 2 years ago I used to hand over a DVD or USB after each event. A few times after an event I would get a call saying that they have misplaced their DVD or USB and would like us to mail them another copy. How many of you get that same message? You, know what I am talking about! I don’t mind doing that, but after awhile the story gets old.

I told myself there had to be a better way. So I did some research and I found a solution within SmugMug. I never really had the time to explore all the features within the SmugMug backend so I decided to take some time and dive into to the features then “Hallelujah!!!” I found the download gallery link!

That link saved me TIME and MONEY! So long to the days of buying DVD’s and USB’s. The digital era had begun..

Simply download the gallery in the backend of SmugMug and in less than one minute you will receive a link sent to your email which you can forward to your client. Side note, the link is set to expire in 7 days so your client will have to download the gallery within that time then you will have to regenerate it. Now if my client tells me that they lost their link, I can simply resend it to them. Problem solved!

This is also a great way to follow up in the same email as the link with a short thank you. I feel our clients appreciate that and it serves as a way to close out the deal.

In this same email I tell our client’s to go to their gallery on SmugMug and they can purchase additional prints from their event and to share this email with friends and family that attended the event. That way they can purchase additional copies of their photos sent directly to their home.

When a customer purchases the images, you make a profit. You can set your custom prices in the backend with the SmugMug Portfolio and Business plan account. The only small downside to this is, since you are using SmugMug’s service, they will take 15% of the profit you make.

It’s nothing big, but it’s a little payment for them for handling everything for you. From ordering to shipping directly to the customers home. It’s like hiring a quality computer team that you can trust to handle everything for you for a price that’s x10 less.

Por Conclure:

I really do enjoy my service with SmugMug for the past 5 years, and I believe it can benefit a lot of you photo booth business owners out there and can also provide an additional stream of income. Saving time and having quality service to your customers in a few clicks can mean a whole lot for your business.

Below is our affiliate link if you would like to try out SmugMug.

Thank you so much for reading!

Your free SmugMug 14-day trial today, and save 15% on a subscription

Dabbing in the Photo Booth, Seriously Fun!

Dabbing in the Photo Booth, Seriously Fun!

Photo Booth Dabbing

My Family and I Dabbing in the Photo Booth

Have you ever dabbed in the photo booth?

“You mean smoke the extracted oil from marijuana in the photo booth?… Yeah, this one time…”

No, no, no, that was a joke.

I seriously hope none of you have and don’t encourage it at all! It could get you in some big trouble. Let’s keep it PG-13 ladies and gentlemen.

What I mean by dabbing in the photo booth is this new popular dance that has been going around and to be quite honest, it’s quite stupid, but stupid things make for some great memories that’s for sure.

It is a funny trend just like silly dances that were popular such as The Gangnam Style, and The Nae Nae.

Every few years there seems to be a new type of silly dance that has captured the world and, well, we can use it to make our photo booth business a lot more fun.

These dances are silly, awkward, stupid, funny, or, however, you want to say it.

“The Dab” Dance Goes A Little Like This

Wiki defines the dab dance as,

“The Dab (also known as dabbin’) is a hip hop dance in which the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm, briefly resting the face inside the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble “proper sneezing etiquette” then they blow air really hard to make that noise. As a Sports Illustrated article about the phenomenon described the Dab, “The dance is pretty simple; one leans in to their elbow like they’re sneezing.”

Yes, we even brought Wikipedia into this.

It’s probably the easiest dance so far, and anyone can do it. This is probably why it’s so popular as people around the world come together to do the dab.

It has even been used by celebrities and even on popular live shows. Whoever pioneer this idea of dabbing is now a legend.

It’s quite funny to think, and this is just my guess, is that this dance move could have originated from a mom and pop’s kitchen then it just happen as someone suddenly sneezed and…. Ding, the genius light bulb comes on and gave birth to a new fad.

How Can You Dab In The Photo Booth?

As a photo booth business owner, you should always incorporate these latest and popular trend into your business. Seriously, you should take advantage because it will not only help you build a relationship with your customers but also, people are more likely to buy these types of photos to share with their friends.

That’s just from a business view.

You should suggest your clients to do the dab, and teach them if they don’t know it.

It’s a weird gesture of dance, but people will become quite easily amused by it, regardless of age group, literally anyone will find it amusing.

Have them do the dab in the photo booth for some funny and ridiculous photo. By that time they should have really gotten the hang of it. It’s fun, it’s connecting you to your client, and it shows that you keep up with what’s cool.

It’s your job to bring the party or make it a little livelier because as a photo booth business owner you got to make it happen and bring on the fun!

Expect To See “The Dab” At Your Next Event

Whether you introduce it or not, there will always be someone from the events that knows how to do the dab. You’d be surprised by who knows it. It could be the grandfather who’s doing the dab or little kids dabbing it out with their friends.

From my experience, dabbing can be for any event such as weddings, birthday parties, or graduation parties.

There are hilarious sayings about The Dab, “If you got into Harvard, do The Dab!”, “If you just got a raise, do The Dab!”, and “If you just got married, do The Dab!”

The dance does have a meaning and that meaning is when you see success, just let loose and shake it off with The Dab.

Ending Thoughts:

The Dab will bring life to a dud party. If you can make the party just a little more fun, use this as a tool at your next event. Your clients will love you for it.

A lot of people will giggle at just saying it and that’s when you know you have captured their curiosity and their fun side. You’ll bring not only your photo booth services, but also the party. Who doesn’t want a fun person at their event?

You should think in the terms of your customers.

What better way to bring them closer to their love ones than to see big smile and loud laughter when they can engage and be part of something that when they look back one day, they’ll say that it was one of the most special times of their lives.

All the fun and funny moments can mean a lot to people, so keep bringing the joy fellow photo booth brothers and sisters.

As always, I thank you all for reading.

P.S. Please send your “Dabbing” photos to [email protected] if you want to be featured on the site next week![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Looking Ahead. The Photo Booth Industry 5 Years From Now.

Looking Ahead. The Photo Booth Industry 5 Years From Now.

Looking Ahead. The Photo Booth Industry 5 Years From Now.

Hey there photo enthusiasts and lovers.

Today, we are going to talk about what will be in store for the photo booth business 5 years from today.

A lot of us may worry as technology will change and the possibility of even more competition entering into the business making it that much harder to become successful at it.

Should these things worry you? We can’t tell for sure since a time the machine has not been invented yet, it would be nice, however, to get a little glimpse of how things will work in the future.

From what we can see trending in the business world and how it applies to our photo booth business, we can make some decent and accurate guesses of what the future will look like.

Advancement In Technology:

As we have already seen the trend of phones and tablets on the rise and continues to rise, we know that this is one benefit that will take the photo booth business on to the next level.
Imagine the quality of pictures 5 years from now. Since most the quality of cameras are so advanced nowadays (even on smartphones offering some of the best quality for images), we can only wonder how much more vibrant the colors and details will be.

Of course, the downside to this is that it will be harder to differentiate your quality of work from your competitors. But, that’s okay, because building your brand and offering great customer service will still beat even the best quality of work.

More on the advance of technology are in the software that will be used to offer your customers more variety of options to choose from.

If you’ve noticed the growing markets for apps on both the apple store and google play, you can see many developers are coming up with better and more responsive software application that can edit images just as good as expensive software like Adobe Photoshop.

Competition On The Rise

When something becomes popular and lucrative, you bet that there will be more people rushing into the business hoping to earn a nice side income or a full living. It will be just like the gold rush days.

Competition shouldn’t be discouraged and should be welcomed with open arms because it will test those who truly love the passion and weed out those that are just looking to make a quick buck or two.

With the rise of competition, you should take into the consideration of using the latest technology and software available to have one of the many few advantages over your competitors. Of course, this is a business and you should focus on everything and anything that can put you on top.

If you have passion and love for this business, it will truly shine, and people will know your brand. You’re the go-to photo booth business that they will trust and be a part of their life.

Diversifying Options:

As more people join the photo booth market, there will be more diversification of which events your services will focus on.

There are many various types of events such as weddings, bachelorette parties, graduation, birthdays, and many more. You want to choose a few events that you want to focus your photo booth business on.

It also helps to know your location and what the people in those location celebrate more of. For more of a country style type of bachelorette parties, one may suggest focusing their photo booth business more on the southern states that offers more of a country-like atmosphere.

There will be a whole lot of diversification, and it may branch out to new types of photo booth businesses and what they are willing offer.

Keep an eye out for this trend in diversity of the photo booth business.

Moving Towards Online:

If you take a good look at online businesses nowadays, you will see a rise in people owning their own online businesses.

Online business allows people to automate a lot of what they have to do, and it also makes a lot more money too.

“But wait is it even possible to automate the photo booth business?”

It may not be when you first start out the business, but eventually you can setup your own website and have a service that is online.

Most likely by that time, it will not be just you who is working, but you will have employees that will do the physical part, and you’re the one behind the website selling your services and managing your website.

It is a possibility, but you never know who’s doing this, and it could become an advantage to have over your competitors.

It also comes down to what your goal for the business.

● Are you going to be the only one managing the entire business?
● Are you going to eventually expand your business and make it a big thing where you have to outsource some of the work?

It really comes down to what you want your end goal to be for your business and how it will work for you.

In Conclusion:

Five years can change a business quite a bit especially as it gets more popular and well known.

If you have the passion and drive for it, it will, no doubt, work in your favor.

We can only make guesses about what will happen in five years from what we see happening today. As entrepreneurs, we must adapt to changes and make it work for us.

That’s it for today folks!

Thank you for reading!

The Benefits of Starting a Photo Booth Company

The Benefits of Starting a Photo Booth Company

Why You Should Start A Photo Booth BusinessSay cheese…

You know the usual saying “A photo is worth a thousand words.” 

In our case, it’s actually worth a couple thousand of dollars in revenue. That’s not the only good thing here folks, you’ll be reaping a ton more benefits from taxes, you’ll be surrounded by fun people, and you’ll build a long lasting business that is just plain fun!

Are you someone who is looking for a thriving business system that allows you to feel like you’re in a party setting, and at the same time getting paid to be around happy people?

There are very few “jobs” out there that can answer to the question above, but we’re not looking for a job. We are here to set our own destiny and be our own boss.

The photo booth business is one that can greatly benefit you in almost all aspects of happiness and at the same time it allows you to take full advantage of your taxes!

Let’s further discuss why it’s so beneficial to start your own photo booth business.

Tax Advantage Working For Yourself

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or someone who owns their own businesses, you definitely know very well that when it comes to your taxes, it is simply one of the best perks of being self-employed.

Unlike working for someone else, you, as a sole proprietor can take huge tax advantages. When you are an employee who files a w-2 every year for taxes, you are limited to only a few deductible expenses and that’s only after 2% of your adjusted income.

Meanwhile, a self-employed person can deduct as many expenses related to his or her business.

This is great news for photo booth businesses because you can write-off a lot of equipment that is part of your business such as the photo booths. But that’s not all, you can deduct and write off cell phones, mileage, office expenses, and much more because they are related to the business.

One great thing is that your kids can work with you too! Have them join and if you pay them, their income is sheltered up to a certain amount before a very small tax rate is applied to it.

As you notice by now, it’s quite a benefit for photo booth business owner. They can deduct expenses while have the whole family get in it too.

Extra Income, How One Booth Can Generate 30k Or More A Year

A photo booth company can be very profitable if you dedicate your time to making it a full-time business.

Even if you don’t want to make it a full-time business , you can make it a  side hustle that can generate you, at least, 30k if not more.

The service you sell has a price range around a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $1500 or more. That’s only the photo booth service alone. You can even offer more to increase your earning by providing services such as scrapbooks and to work with your customers’ on delivering pictures for their social media.

There are many extra services you can sell to attract your customers and increase your profit, and the best thing of all about it is you can still do it as a side business to earn a big income.

It also depends on the reputation that you will build for yourself as you work continue to work on this business and build a client base. It will most likely be easy to build a client base as you are having fun and engaging in an activity that creates rare moments that happens only a few times in people’s lives.

The business itself will easily create its own client base because you yourself are having fun and actively engaging your customers.

You’re Always At A Party And People Are Always Having Fun And Smiling

It is quite a nice feeling to know that you’re always going to some sort of events or parties that are always filled with people smiling and being happy. You’re getting paid to literally have fun.

It’s the 21st century where people take their pictures extremely serious as if the photos are pages from a book that talks about their lives. You yourself probably think the same way or may have noticed this from all the social medias.

Pictures represents happy times and moments, with the photo booth business, you get to be part of these great moments of happiness. It is truly a wonderful feeling.

You Develop Business Relationships That Turn Into Long Term Clients

The photo booth business isn’t just about taking a bunch of photos, it is also a great business to build strong lasting relationships with your customers.

The next time your client need someone to take their photos, they will know exactly who to contact, you of course!

Eventually, if you feel like running your photo booth business full-time, you can make it happen with a strong list of clients who trust you and want to do business with you.

People often times will recommend you to their friends too, and that makes it even better as your business can gain tremendous publicity.

It’s Just Plain Fun

A photo booth business is a fun business. There’s nothing much to say about its bad side. You’ll have a lot of fun taking photos, partying with people, and become a part of their life by creating memorable pictures that will last.

Enjoy the fun while you get a handsome pay is a rare experience that many people would die for.

Get yourself a photo booth and have fun making a living, it literally can be a life changing business model for many.

Thank You For Reading!

I love to share great ideas about the photo booth business as it is one of the most fun experiences that a person can experience.

If you are deciding to build your photo booth business, it is a business that can give you a whole lot of benefits and happy times in your life too.